Businesses FAQs

Who would be an excellent employer of Individuals with Disabilities?

  • An employer willing to invest in their team members. Individuals with disabilities need a supervisor that has the patience to wait for success knowing the payoff for the investment may come later.
  • An employer anxious to turn their team members attitudes from “me to we”. There is documented proof that team culture beings to shift when individuals with disabilities are included. Team members looking out for each other develop a culture of “we versus me”.
  • An employer wanting to build a team that is loyal to the company and their jobs. Individuals with disabilities are more likely to stay in a work position they understand and enjoy.

What kind of businesses is Beyond 26 looking to recruit?

  • Businesses that have processes and repeatable jobs that could be taught to an individual with a disability.
  • Businesses that embrace disability inclusion in their workplace.
  • Non-profit businesses that are in need of volunteers.
  • Businesses that would like to develop a team orientated business.
  • Businesses that would like to have a loyal employee base that enjoys coming to work each day.

Who would be a good candidate to be a volunteer Beyond 26 job coach?

  • Work experienced adults desiring a volunteer opportunity.
  • A retiree that has the experience and patience to teach individuals with disabilities a new job.
  • College students with experience working on teams looking to intern.
  • A family member of an individual with disability.
  • A patient person person with a loving heart.